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Elias & Martin Lindstrom Help Revitalize Small Businesses

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Martin Lindstrom - Main Street Makeover

For over 30 years, Elias has brought a virtuosity and award winning distinct style in their approach to sound.  Establishing themselves with a gifted and forward-thinking team, Elias is a finely-tuned collective of sonic architects building the alliance between vision and melody.

From original composition, to music licensing, to sound design, to its extensive musical library - Elias’ taste-making musical prowess and audio branding is ahead of the wave, with an unmatched fluency in harnessing the emotional power of music for the moving picture. Elias couples client vision with the bespoke sounds that will drive the project’s message, lending a relevance and contemporary artistry to all of their musical adventures.

Elias is on the cusp of a new era, forging a series of intriguing partnerships with artists, labels and management companies. Inspired by all areas of creative expression, Elias is teaming up with both new and established artists, building genre-bending collaborations – More than a creative audio shop, Elias is reigniting the audio industry with a stand-alone vision toward the synthesis of art, culture, and music.