Best Friends Animal Society: No-Kill L.A.

Elias Arts Score of No Kill LA

At Elias Arts we are afforded the chance to create audio to accent emotion. This in itself generates great opportunities to be creative, but it is particularly rewarding when Elias can be a part of a project with which we feel so emotionally connected. Anyone who has a pet knows the pure unadulterated love and joy that comes with welcoming an animal into your life, and so it is with tremendous pride that Elias Arts was selected to provide music for the Best Friends Animal Society ‘No-Kill L.A.’ campaign, on behalf of our best friends and yours.

Via Creativity Online:

Turning L.A. into a No-Kill city by 2017.
Creative agency Let There Be Dragons, along with Best Friends Animal Society and a host of ad creatives including Lee Clow are behind No Kill Los Angeles, a movement to turn the City of Angels into a no-kill city in five years.

Last year, more than 17,000 treatable and adoptable animals were put down by L.A. shelters, says the ‘manifesto’ video, which puts together black and white images of soulful puppy eyes and furry little kittens.

The print effort includes posters that will be put around Los Angeles, each with a nicely shot photograph of an animal, along with the graphic NKLA placed alongside.

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