Elias Arts Contributes Music to 2009 “Webby Award” Winning Campaign, “The Girl Effect”

Santa Monica, CA, – Elias Arts, a company devoted to music composition, strategy and production, has contributed music to a 2009 “Webby Award” winning campaign entitled “The Girl Effect.” The announcement was made today by Ann Haugen, Executive Producer/GM, Elias Arts. “The Girl Effect” project can be seen at http://eliasarts.com/?p=1214.

“The Girl Effect” won a “Webby Award” in the category:
“Rich Media Advertising: Non-Profit/Educational:


The campaign was also a finalist in the “Activism Category for Websites:”


Said Elias Arts founder/composer Jonathan Elias, “The music for ‘The Girl Effect’ was a unique approach to the overall concept.” Adds Nate Morgan, Elias Arts composer/recording engineer, “This spot was really special, in that the visuals were so engaging while being so simple. It was great being able to create a musical narrative to accompany something so creative.”


“The Girl Effect” is an effort to raise awareness and supply tools to help spread the word and create The Girl Effect ripple. The campaign relays to viewers the idea of Global Giving. The amazing thing we learned from the Nike Foundation is that when girls are given the opportunity, they will raise the standard of living for themselves, their families, and by extension, everyone around them. The Girl Effect is a real phenomenon, and a smart economic investment. The campaign wanted to come up with a name that was empowering to girls—one that felt grounded in the reality of what girls can do.


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