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SXSW 2014

Elias brought the party with Nice Shoes to Austin this SXSW, co-hosting an epic evening at Austin’s Pleasant Storage Room. Partygoers enjoyed plenty of shenanigans, dancing, cocktails and killer live sets by our friends F.Stokes and Astronautalis.

Los Angeles Holiday Event With MPC
NY 2013 Showcase
Robert DeLong

The electronic one-man band hailing from the suburbs of Seattle stopped by our Santa Monica studios for an intimate recording and conversation with Elias Music Supervisor Jason Kramer.

With a background in drums, DeLong’s music culls from indie rock, house, electronica, EDM and moombahton. With buzz booming around his latest single “Global Concepts” from JUST MOVEMENT, it seems the sky is the limit for this fresh-sounding and thought-provoking singer-songwriter.

Party Peeple

Elias’ New York team have been busy producing a series of events with various industry collaborators, including French Kiss Label Group and The Orchard, to showcase some of the hottest artists currently commanding the music world. Advertising and entertainment communities have been flocking to our intimate events for cocktails, fun and of course, some killer music.


Thus far Elias Arts has housed rock bands including The Black Angels, CHAPPO, The Virgins, Har Mar Superstar, Caveman, Revolver, Dom, R&B/neo soul musician Cody ChesnuTT, audio-visual remix act Eclectic Method, Hip Hop artists F.Stokes and Astronautalis, as well as renowned Hip Hop beat artist Just Blaze.

Tom Odell

It was a pleasure to have Tom Odell stop by Elias’ Santa Monica studios during his first visit to LA to chat with Music Supervisor Jason Kramer about his rise in popularity, his music, and influences.

With an ever-growing fan base, Odell is signed to Columbia Records and making his musical mark with major accolades backing up his talents, including the Critics’ Choice at the 2013 BRITs, and being named one of the top new artists on the BBC’s Sounds of 2013. 

Lewis Watson

Elias had the opportunity to sit down with Lewis Watson, the Oxford-based singer/songwriter who first built a name for himself by releasing cover songs on YouTube. It could have been easy for him to get lost down the black hole of infinite Internet artists, but something about Watson’s heartfelt and intimate songs managed to lift him above the masses. Watson not only captured and held onto his devoted fan base after switching from covers to his original material, but he was able to do something every Internet musician dreams of: He turned his Internet success into a record contract.

Students First Event with Just Blaze

Elias teamed up with Furlined to drop a festive beat at the holiday fundraising event “Lights On,” raising over $33,000 for The Students First Center. The new space, launched by the LA-based nonprofit New Visions Foundation, is dedicated to giving fresh chances to youths who have been involved in the juvenile justice system by helping them to realize their full potential through the arts.


Elias brought on noted producer and hip hop beat artist Just Blaze to share his story about how creativity transformed his life. Following his inspirational words, New Visions students were given the chance to perform their own hip hop stylings over Just Blaze’s eminent beats.  Industry professionals enjoyed the hip hop and spoken word performances, as well as words from creativity expert and veteran TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson. 

Gin Wigmore

Elias Music Supervisor and KCRW radio host Jason Kramer caught up with Singer/Songwriter Gin Wigmore at our Santa Monica Studios, where she took some time out from her tour with Jimmy Barnes to fill us in on her reluctance to first share “Hallelujah” (the song that launched her career), the influence that Memphis had on her latest album, and how once you go black, you never go back.

Gibson Showcase

Elias proved prescient with its end of summer showcase bill featuring Youngblood Hawke, Field Report and the Record Company at Gibson Guitar Showroom, with each band giving the crowd a dynamic and intimate set in support of their new releases.


Jason Kramer and Ann Haugen of Elias organized the evening in conjunction with Gibson’s Lynda Hayden and Jennifer Feeney, plus Mark Nguyen of Planet LA Records.

Showcase: Donovan, DeVotchKa, and The Gift

Denver-based band DeVotchKa spent a week playing public and private shows in LA and San Francisco, but their appearance at Elias' Santa Monica offices featured a song that was foreign to their set list: Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman.”


After unveiling a new song, “Refugee,” and leading a sing-along of “There is Mountain,” Donovan brought up the members of DeVotchKa to tackle his No. 1 single from 1966. Instead of Jimmy Page providing the solo as he did on record, Tom Hagerman handled the break on accordion. Read all about it at Billboard.