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Sensory Friendly Library

ELIAS is proud to have joined Sonzia, along with distinguished university professors and other renowned pioneers and organizations leading the investigation into Sensory Processing Disorder, to form the Sensory Friendly Alliance, whose mission is to find ways to ensure that digital content in all mediums is easily accessible to all, including those with Sensory Processing Disorder.


Working with Sonzia and the Sensory Friendly Alliance, ELIAS has created the Sensory Friendly Library - an ever-growing library of sounds that have been vetted, approved, and certified for use in applications targeted to those with Sensory Processing Disorder.


Sensory Friendly means accessible. It means content that can be consumed by all. With Autism and other sensory disorders now more common than ever, being Sensory Friendly has never been so important.


Contact the Sensory Friendly Alliance to learn more, and to find out how to Certify Your Sounds.


Visit our partner Sonzia.


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